Novinka 2015! Next 9.6
next new 2015 NEXT znamená další posun vo vašej výkonnosti. Váš budúci partner, na ktorého sa môžete spolahnút. Nízka váha 60 g, priemer 9,6 mm neznamenajú nižšiu bezpecnost a životnost. Tomu zodpovedá aj pocet UIAA normovaných pádov na úrovni 7. Next Vás posunie tam, kde ste ešte nikdy predtým neboli bez toho, aby ste o nom vedeli. Tajomstvo je zakódované v jeho nízkej hmotnosti a perfektnom handlingu.Lano je urcené pre oblast športového lezenia, skalky, mixové a ladové lezenie, skalné steny.

Váš team Gilmonte

We are pleased to bring to your attention a new series of top quality static ropes - Profistatic 9B, Profistatic 10,5A, Profistatic 11A being introduced into market under the brand Gilmonte. These ropes were specially developed following some incentives of our customers and long-term experiences of our developers. The Profistatic ropes have an equilibrated construction consisting of a core and robust sheathing that results in prolonged lifetime and excellent handling. The work with these ropes will offer you better convenience at use. The new construction has enabled us to remove a frequently occurring problem of static ropes, namely stiffening after rope shrinkage in cold water. That advantage will be especially appreciated by cave climbers and height workers, whose ropes frequently come in contact with water. After shrinkage in cold water, the rope gains even better features. Therefore, just after purchase, we recommend to leave rope for 24 hours in cold water and then let it thoroughly dry up in natural way out of reach of heating sources and UV-radiation that could harm the rope. The Profistatic ropes are designed for use under the most demanding conditions, e.g.: for height works, rescue and speleological purposes. We firmly believe that our ropes will provide you with maximum safety, high convenience for reasonable price!

Gill 8,3
The Gilmonte-Team brings to your attention an innovation – the Gill 8,3 – rope offering you new possibilities for safe climbing the highest peaks.
Our main target was to develop a low weight rope that could reliably work in abseil devices while being used in both rope systems as a half or twin rope. A precise mechanical construction provides the Gill 8,3 with excellent handling and resistance to outer mechanical influences. Due to the newest hydrophobic coating the rope is also resistive to atmospheric conditions. We recommend to use the Gill 8,3 – rope for classical climbing in the high mountains as well as at ice climbing.

Enjoy the Gill 8,3 !
Gilmonte Team


Talk to the prominent mountain rescuer and mountain climber Mr. Jozef Šupica about the expedition to Annapurna and testing new rope

You and Annapurna... what is the history of that „relationship“?
In the autumn 2005, I was invited to take part in a military expedition to the 10. highest world peak Annapurna (8091). For every mountain climber it is a challenge to get to Himalaya, and so my decision-making was not difficult. It remained one year of time for achieving proper physical condition and providing for necessary equipment and money.
How much did it take you to get acclimatized there?
After arrival in Kathmandu and a 6-day march to the basic camp (BC) we were sufficiently acclimatised and it began a tough backbreaker on the top. The construction of height camps was performed on the whole quickly, we have even succeeded to overcome the most difficult distance between the camp C1 (5600m above sea level) and C2 (6500m above sea level) with climbing difficulty grade M4 (UIAA) only within 3 days. For that route sector having a 900m rise we used 1200m of static ropes, what speaks for the wall slope itself. The tempo of climbing was retarded through the weather what we used for resting and strengthening for peak attempt.
The weather generally has an extraordinary influence on the stay in the mountains...
When a 4 – day - period of good weather began, we got off to try to climb to the peak. After three days we were at the height of 7200m above sea level at the camp C3 and, at night, our last route sector began. On the whole we were getting on, the snow was dense, only the night was dark, and we had to rely on the lights from our head torches, what stopped us at 4:00 in the morning because we did not know where to go on. The early twilight at 6:00 forced us, the frozen ones, to move up from the kit-bags and to continue climbing. It was just 12:00 and the message transmitted sounded: ,,We are in the saddle at the height of 8050m above sea level and in 2 hours we shall send the message from the peak“.
That sounds like a victory cry. Did you have a feeling that you will manage it?
I am not superstitious, but we already saw each other there, though we could not imagine that those last 40 vertical and 500 linear meter, by the way a plain, will be above our forces. The snow conditions changed under the influence of wind in such a way that, after 5 hours of wading through waist - deep snow, our peak came nearer only about 350 meter. At 16:30 the head of the expedition told that we turn. We were 40 vertical and 150 linear meter from the peak, but the return from 8000 meter takes a few hours, therefore anyone did not want to take risk of achieving peak at the expense of life. While descending and being tired and exhausted I fell, injured ankle and lost mattock. How it has turned out and what I have experienced during a 300m long fall, is difficult to speak about.
Except for physical exhaustion the psychical one did not surely help you as well. To be within a reach from the peak and to have to return, it is surely difficult to cope. One recovers, rethinks and repeatedly looks for a way how to try it once again. It just happened. The Spring 2008 and we are an almost not changed team being again under Annapurna. The original plan was to climb following the Polish route that has not been repeated until now, but the climate conditions have unrecognizably changed Annapurna within two and a half years. We chose our unfinished route, but, this time, the advance through the camps was a mortal combat with endless snowing, blizzards and falling avalanches.
It sounds as if the Annapurna literally spited.
There is scarcely someone seeing so many avalanches, but the fact that I together with my two comrades and two carriers have survived after having been swept out from the tents by the one, the evening before, that let us scattered in underclothes and socks at the height of 5000m above sea level, I took for the second big warning on that peak.
I suppose that not much from your tents and equipment remained after that snow avalanche …
We lost almost all material, ropes and clothes and the further climbing was practically impossible. It remains us to acknowledge our gratitude to sponsors and to hope that one day the Annapurna will be more accessible and some of us will stay on the top of that peak that was conquered by the least number of people among all of fourteen 8.000m peaks. Who knows why?
As we are at those sponsors, our co-operation already lasts for some years...satisfaction?
Žilmont maximally endeavours to meet my needs and I appreciate it. In addition, keeping a pure conscience I can say that the ropes from your production belong to the top ones. The static ropes are by right popular for longer time, and the new dynamic rope RAASTA is, in my opinion, an extraordinary successful rope being able to compete with any of the competition ones. In addition, the prices are essentially more favourable than the ones of foreign ropes, and, at the same time, I have a good heart feeling that I can support something that is good and that comes from Slovakia that is not always a certainty.
What are the results of testing a new water-resistant treatment of RAASTA?
Raasta is a truly successful rope from the very beginning. That it was supplemented by a water-resistant treatment is a pleasant fact for me. The rope has maintained all positive features; in addition, the resistance against dirt, sludge and moisture abundantly coming in contact during the use has essentially improved. If being asked to shortly assess the whole testing, I would say Žilmont had another smart move and I believe that the customers will appreciate it and will look for that new product in shops. I could only recommend them it.
I thank you for the talk and wish you much success on the mountains as well as at home.
I also thank you and greet all visitors of your pages.


Among further new products being prepared by our / your GILMONTE – team, the hydrophobic treatment of the well known RAASTA 10,0 – rope shall be mentioned. Following extraordinary good messages in regard of the first rope generation, we have decided to manufacture a rope version that will still better withstand the use in the situations, under which it will be impossible to avoid wet environment. Such treatment increases not only its hydrophobic features, excellent handling, but also the dirt resistance that is extraordinarily advantageously reflected in lifetime and rope safety. We are very delighted that RAASTA struggles amid tough competition and gains increasingly more and more supporters, what assures us that we are on a right way, that our doing is well and that we shall proceed in our efforts. To be convinced about the products qualities designed by our developing workers in accordance with our expectation, we again send our rope on climbing tours. This time it shall be a military expedition Annapurna 2008, during which our rope will undergo really tough testing and will be exposed to a very demandable environment. We fully trust in our new product increase and believe that it will be a true companion for the members of that expedition. We are glad to announce you that our portfolio is expanding and will be expanding, and you will be soon able to ask those new products at your sports shop.


Our rope is going to undergo tough examination directly in Yosemite (California)
Slovak expedition, in which M. Tomajko, D. Beránek and R. Niéky will take part, has just chosen our rope RAASTA 10,0 for its climbing the peaks of the national park Yosemite. It is a big satisfaction for us because, among many competitive ropes, our expedition team has decided in favour of our Raasta. Under arduous conditions every little thing being part of the outfit of mountaineers is exposed to actual testing. Yosemite represents a cradle either of technical, or, at the same time, of the free climbing. The tallest wall is El Captain with the length of almost 1 km. Still in the half of sixties its abrupt walls were taken for not descending. Currently the proved routes offer the most difficult technical and free climbing among the big walls in the world. This challenging landscape and strain literally test every fibre on rope that has been designed and manufactured to be a real friend and helper for a mountaineer under such conditions. On our site, we are going to continuously inform you about the doing of our mountaineers and of course about our – maybe your rope RAASTA 10,0.


Start-up of the serial production GILMONTE. Workshops that are full of most modern machinery begin to produce first meters of our first GILMONTE rope, single rope for sport climbing RAASTA 10,0.


Test climbers who have RAASTA 10,0 on test at Vysok‚ Tatry right now are giving us first feedback about the certified RAASTA 10,0. Results are great giving us all confidence for coming serial production. Whole GILMONTE team is working on the start up of the production. All inside newly equipped workshops GILMONTE complies with EN ISO9001-2000.


CE certification of our newly developed rope RAASTA 10,0 is finished in the strictest UIAA certified laboratory SZU Jablonec in Czech Republic. Hard months of development are over. Test house in Jablonec is fully accredited by UIAA and complies with the strictest demands on testing of climbing and safety ropes. Their most modern equipment is measuring precisely real parameters of given prototypes.


Bond 7,9
(NEW 2017!)

ace new 2017 Compact and light-weight rope with perfect handling, best suitable for climbing on ice and rock, for Alpine climbing and all other activities, at which two ropes are needed. Certified as half and twin rope.

Your Gilmonte - team

ACE 9,0
(NEW 2017!)

ace new  2017 Excellent rope, certified as single, half and twin one. Due to its low weight, compactness, perfect handling, low impact force, hydrophobic treatment, it is an ideal companion for extreme free climbing in the mountains as well as On Sight, Flash and Redpoint.

Your Gilmonte - team

Next 9,6
(NEW 2015!)

next new  2015More... NEXT means another move in your performance. It is your future partner that you can rely on. Low weight of 60g and rope diameter of 9,6mm do not mean less security and durability. Appropriate is also the fall number of 7according to UIAA-standard. The Next will move you where you have never been before without you knowing about it. The secret is encoded in its low weight and excellent handling. The rope is designed for the area of sport climbing, rocks, mixed and ice climbing, rock walls.

Your Gilmonte - team

Facelift of Raasta 10,0mm

Through a long-term improvement of the production process we have succeeded to increase the safety factor. Originally we have guaranteed 7 UIAA-falls, but , after performing some modifications, we have been able to increase that number up to 10 guaranteed UIAA-falls. Another significant change made according to the requirements of our customers was a slight increase in compactness and hardening of the rope. That change has contributed a great deal to improve the work with this rope without worsening "the handling". What to say in conclusion ... A competitor in this weight and diameter category is very difficult to find.
Your Gilmonte - team

Facelift of Static rope, 10,5mm

The 10, 5mm - statik rope has undergone significant design facelifting. The main change concerns the proportion of the core that has been increased to achieve better compactness of the rope. This proportion is optimized so as to achieve that the rope does not become hard over an acceptable level after the precipitation due to contact with water. A higher proportion of core has had a positive impact on increasing the strength of the rope up to the level of minimum 31 kN. What to say in conclusion ... A competitor in this weight and diameter category is very difficult to find.
Your Gilmonte - team