Zajo team exp. Tilicho Peak 2006

Vladimír Gembeš, Peter Kostelanský, Ján Majer, Ivan Prokop, Martin Stolár, Stanislav Tomovič, Ján Zorkóci and the leader Marián Šajnoha were the participants of the first Slovak expedition to the himalayan 7000m-high - Tilicho Peak, soaring in the massif Grand Barrier in the National Park Annapurna.

As it always occurs at the beginning, first the carousel of seeking materials, information and money began to rotate. It rotated almost for one year and slowed down only at the time of the departure of our cargo. The carousel fully stopped when we boarded the aircraft. It was the 17 September 2006 and at 13.10 we got airborne carried by the Quatar Airbus 320 bringing us from Vienna via Doha to the capital of Nepal – Kathmandu.

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Mountain rescue service

Being a member of mountain rescue service I am relatively often in contact with rope techniques. Mostly it occurs during training rescue operations, sport climbing and very often at sharp rescue actions, where rope really comes to an intensive use. Reviewing the time, during which I devote myself as a professional to mountain climbing and rescue works I can state that many kinds of ropes have gone through my hands, but the RAASTA-rope is to be ranged among the elite ones. It distinguishes through a very good property having been mainly appreciated by rock climbers. The rope demonstrates minimum stretch at continual loading, but it behaves like a common dynamic rope while catching long falls. Another positive feature of the rope that does not need any commentary is its weight. Once the surface conditioning against water will be solved, we could claim that RAASTA – rope should become a tough competitor towards all world ropes makers. In conclusion:
- finally I have a good rope, for which I thank you, Stano Bobek.
- the rope has functioned properly and soft having rescued my life oftentimes.

Hail Castrol!


This time, our target was to come to the top and perform downhill skiing in some of the regional mountains, as well as to explore the unknown mountains Cordillera Apalobamba, but mainly to get lots of experiences. We went towards big adventure, at which planning we could use only minimum of information we got from the natives. The adventure and the climbing in the mountains do not end with achieving the top, they only end, if you are down at the base camp or within the civilization.

Surely, the rope was one of those equipment components that like lifeline joined us with the world at overcoming glacier splits, abrupt ice vaults or ice falls. During the expedition SKI CORDILLERA 2006, we had an opportunity to test the prototypes of a new generation of Slovak ropes manufactured by the company Žilmont that is going to sell them under the brand “Gilmonte”.

Under tough mountainous conditions, by frost and at height we appreciated not only the working quality, but especially low weight, softness and satisfactory knotability of the rope. It seams that in Žilina a player grows that will mix cards in the rope market not only at home, but also abroad.

Martin Ondreáš

Presidium of the Police Corps

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The members of our special police units are very often exposed to the conditions, under which it is necessary to provide a high-quality a reliable protection of their movements at heights, while roping down or during force operation launched down from the roofs. For such kind of protection we use high-quality climbing equipment like static or dynamic ropes.

Our co-operation with ŽILMONT lasts a long time. Following our very good business relationships we have been offered to test a new dynamic rope RAASTA-10,0. We have used that rope to protect our colleagues and to train roping down under different atmospheric conditions. During the whole testing period we were extraordinarily satisfied with the rope. Even after longer use the rope does not show any abrasive wear; at the same time it retains excellent handling features. We appreciate its low weight and the ability of quick untying the knots after loading by heavy weight.

Basing on our personal experiences we allow to claim that it goes about one of the most superior ropes in the market.

Presidium of the Police Corps of the SR

Bond 7,9
(NEW 2017!)

ace new 2017 Compact and light-weight rope with perfect handling, best suitable for climbing on ice and rock, for Alpine climbing and all other activities, at which two ropes are needed. Certified as half and twin rope.

Your Gilmonte - team

ACE 9,0
(NEW 2017!)

ace new  2017 Excellent rope, certified as single, half and twin one. Due to its low weight, compactness, perfect handling, low impact force, hydrophobic treatment, it is an ideal companion for extreme free climbing in the mountains as well as On Sight, Flash and Redpoint.

Your Gilmonte - team

Next 9,6
(NEW 2015!)

next new  2015More... NEXT means another move in your performance. It is your future partner that you can rely on. Low weight of 60g and rope diameter of 9,6mm do not mean less security and durability. Appropriate is also the fall number of 7according to UIAA-standard. The Next will move you where you have never been before without you knowing about it. The secret is encoded in its low weight and excellent handling. The rope is designed for the area of sport climbing, rocks, mixed and ice climbing, rock walls.

Your Gilmonte - team

Facelift of Raasta 10,0mm

Through a long-term improvement of the production process we have succeeded to increase the safety factor. Originally we have guaranteed 7 UIAA-falls, but , after performing some modifications, we have been able to increase that number up to 10 guaranteed UIAA-falls. Another significant change made according to the requirements of our customers was a slight increase in compactness and hardening of the rope. That change has contributed a great deal to improve the work with this rope without worsening "the handling". What to say in conclusion ... A competitor in this weight and diameter category is very difficult to find.
Your Gilmonte - team

Facelift of Static rope, 10,5mm

The 10, 5mm - statik rope has undergone significant design facelifting. The main change concerns the proportion of the core that has been increased to achieve better compactness of the rope. This proportion is optimized so as to achieve that the rope does not become hard over an acceptable level after the precipitation due to contact with water. A higher proportion of core has had a positive impact on increasing the strength of the rope up to the level of minimum 31 kN. What to say in conclusion ... A competitor in this weight and diameter category is very difficult to find.
Your Gilmonte - team