PFC free water repellent treatment

PFC-Free & Low Energy Process




We are one of the first worldwide manufacturers of ropes, who has been successful in the development of the demanding technology of rope impregnation without the use of materials containing non-ecological and unhealthy *PFC compounds, which are used in present-day to achieve the permanent water-repellent treatment of synthetic fibers employed in the outdoor industry.

Our new UDP treatment meets the strict criteria of the UIAA norm on water-repellent testing. The level of water absorption measured according to the methods of UIAA norm 101 for the water-repellency test ranges from 1.0% to 2% depending on the type of rope. For the rope to meet the requirement of the UIAA norm the level of water absorption must be less than 5%.

Most of the ropes sold worldwide which comply with the UIAA norm criteria on the water-repellency test are, as of today, treated solely with products containing harmful PFC C6 or C8 compounds.  
The nature of our new UDP treatment is a thorough, in-depth and whole-rope procedure in a way that every filament of fiber is treated. This idea is not groundbreaking however the way of doing so is quite demanding so that while following with the procedure the treatment is permanent and on the whole length of the rope in the required quality.

Our development team has been successful in the development of effective and less energy demanding method to achieve excellent water-repellent values while being Eco-conscious.
The energy demand of the process of application and activation is 30% less in comparison with the standardly used process.

*PFC - poly-fluor carbons = chemical agents on a base of 8 and 6 atomic compounds of carbons C8 and C6. The EU has issued a ban prohibiting the use and manufacture of these compounds by the year 2020.